Monday, July 27, 2009

Breath of New Life

Sharlotte Marie Koch was born on July 24, 2009. As I held her in my arms being just around 5 hours old... I breathed her in... for she is pure life... she is pure perfection... she is pure joy-love-happiness. There is not one single thing wrong with her. Holding her in my arms I realized the miracle that she is. As I found myself looking down at her... i thought of all that was to come in her life. All of the dreams she will dream... some she will reach some she won't. I thought of all she will see... do... feel... I thought of all the people she will have in her life... All the happiness and love she will bring to others as well as others bring to her. Five hours old and I love her as much as I love her sisters Sabrina and Sadey. Five hours old and she has no clue the changes she has brought to the lives that already love her dearly.

I sat there for quite some time watching my cousin Travis smile... he was glowing... he was proud. A father of now three... three daughters... something I am sure he will find himself stressed at times and maybe even a head full of gray... you know the things girls do to their fathers. But on that day... he was on cloud nine. And I was so happy to see him so happy. I am blessed to call Travis, Jill, Sabrina, Sadey and now Sharlotte family. I am grateful for their kindness and love. I am proud to be a part of the Koch Family because of moments like these. Its times like this I am glad to be a part of an amazing family. For I know one day Sharlotte will feel this same love. And she will be MORE because of the love she is given from her family.

Welcome our little miracle Sharlotte Marie. YOU ARE FINALLY HERE... oh how we have waited for you to enter our lives... and now that you are here... you are even better than what we dreamed and hoped for... you are the breath of new life... you are perfection... you are a miracle... but above all... YOU ARE LOVED... now and ALWAYS...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Golfin in Paradise

365 days...has it been enough time Ken for you to golf all the courses in Paradise? I can just picture you living the dream...golfing smiling laughing and making wise cracks. Which I know makes carrying on down here for your family and friends a bit easier. Know you are missed by many. Oxbow just doesn't seem the same without your presences smile laughter and jokes. I hope you are enjoyin this time that you are spending with your grand daughter before she arrives to send a lifetime wit us!! We look forward to her arrival for I know a little Ken she will have in her! Just as Ethan and Gavin have. Rest well and here's to many perfect golf days for you in paradise.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Could it Really Be....

July 17, 2008 seemed like any other day of the year, to so many in this world. Many can't remember what they were doing on this day a year ago. Yet to some they know just what they were doing on this day... For this is the day their entire world stopped and than was forever changed... Ben Lenzen was taken from this world much much too soon but his memory and legacy live forever on in those who knew him and those who loved him. He is not forgotten.

Its hard to believe its been a year...when for his family and close friends time seems to have stood still. Its hard to believe its been so long since they have heard his laugh seen his smile and felt his presence. Its hard to believe... that this world no longer has Ben in it. Its hard to believe we have carried on without you. That life has gone on without you in it.

But only because of you, Ben your Becky, your parents, your brothers, your sister, your grandparents, your family, your best mate, your friends have been able to smile again, laugh again, and live...only because of you! For they know in order to see you again life must go on. They know the only true way of honoring you and keeping your legacy alive is for them to live this life to the fullest. For they know how upset you would be if they didn't. Just as you know how hard it is for them at times.

I pray Ben you hold them close to you, that they may feel your love and presence. I pray they are granted peace. I pray they are blessed with memories they have long ago forgotten. I pray that thru you may you guide them out of darkness and into the light. Know you are missed by many Ben and never forgotten. Rest well and enjoy YOUR paradise Ben!