Sunday, July 31, 2011

what means the most

We run thru this life it seems - chasing after a check list of dreams - never seeming to have enough time to do the things that bring us happiness that bring us laughter. Well some time ago I stopped and decided to slow my pace and start doing more of the simple stuff that means the most to me. Because in the end its what means the most in our lives that defines our life... How are you spending your time - how are you living your life?!

What means the most to me.... Mornings on the mountain with fresh pow - playing just dance with Sadey - road trips with two aussies - hearing my name being called (Moo How) by a special monkey - tubing with chuckie I mean Mady - an ice cold can of ginger ale - adventures with my Ruby - sinning in Vegas with bestie brit - causing trouble with jess toop leah klabo and amy botnen - coffee date with bee - lake time with my brothers - hunting with clark (my father) - a beer ok I mean beers with Kelcey at the nite owl - laughing with my cousin britt - skiing with kali and nikki - talking chelsea and nuggets with katie - catching up with jacks and da - random run in-s with beck - chaos in the cities with the knitting circle -memories of hollister and hollywood - luke the hunk smiling - twins and beers with travis - jillian in the morning with jilly - trips with mom - bonding with sabrina - music sharing with yanni - partying with members of the class of 99 - buffalo wild wings with dee dee - family gatherings - eating lunch with gramps - taylor time -tea with granny - happy hour with renee and shelley - checking wireless with karla - english class with mr swegarden - time away from it all with my nikon - garlic bread off the grill - flip flop tan lines - kato trips back when - exploring life - meeting new people making new friends - indian summer evenings at oxbow - and the list could go on and on...

We all need to stop and realize the things the people that means the most to you and your life. To look at your life and start wanting and needing the things and people already in your life instead of feeling like you are missing out that you have to go in quest of something or someone. Your life in this moment now is filled with more meaning than you can possibly think of. New flash the grass isn't always greenier on the other side! What means the most to YOU! Figure it out and start spending more of your time doing just that and with the people that matter in your life. Start living your dream - your life NOW!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

pimples and letting go

Letting go... It just might be the hardest task us humans have to do in this life. We grasp so tightly to the change we don't want to accept - the love that we have lost - the dream we had to give up - the friendship that we out grew - the death of someone we can't live without. Letting go it seems so simply easy yet the hard fact is it can take everything we got every ounce of strength to painfully let go. And once we have done it - it well doesn't mean you have let it go forever its like those pimples that just show up. You find yourself washing and scrubbing everyday and taking care of yourself only to wake up one morning and find a black head or a white head right in the middle of your forehead and you find yourself HOW in the HELL can that be? Letting go is like that in my eyes - you think you have put it behind you you think you can move on move past and you find yourself once again with the mother of all pimples. Which leads you to think will I ever be able to let this go. Will I ever be able to escape this will I ever be able to out run this. We can take all the precautions in the world but the truth is sometimes a pimple is just going to surface. We something just have to deal with it and accept it that no matter how hard it is to let go its part of life and we will just learn and grow from it.

Letting go isn't pretty. But have you ever found a pretty pimple? They may be ugly -but they do go - they may leave a scar but we heal. And all we can do is wash and scrub and take note they just may come back without warning or reasoning.