Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Winter into Spring

Where has 20-12 gone? I can not believe that we are reaching the end of MARCH.  Life in the mountains however aren't really showing signs of Spring just yet... As I look out my window I am still surrounded by white. However with the echo of drip drip drip that white stuff is slowly giving away to the warmth of the sun and becoming less and less. Today unlike yesterday feels like Spring in Montana. The skis are filled with blue and it takes a few moments for your eyes to adjust when going outside... sometimes just a tad to bright.

It will be a different Spring followed by Summer for me, in the years before I would be packing my bags in a few short weeks to head back to North Dakota. 2012  I will be staying put... ok when have I ever truly stayed put... in the of the terms I will be spending my days in Montana year around. I am sure I will be doing everything BUT staying put... I am excited to explore what I already know as AMAZING surroundings without SNOW. Hiking, Rafting, Running, and Biking (I can barely stand the wait to use the brand new mountain bike hanging from the ceiling in my guest room... ya ya I said guest room... sometimes you have to be creative in your storage.) I have know Whitefish as winter paradise for five great seasons and I am looking forward to knowing mother nature at her best in Spring Summer and Fall. It will be so different seeing green and hearing the birds sing and mayb just maybe wildlife simply enjoying nature as much as I am. My nikon will be getting plenty of use as well as my legs (ok rest of my body as well). the count down is on 12 days left of Skiing and Boarding the FISH. So I will be enjoying some spring skiing and good times with some good friends and then will be hanging up the good ol K2's and reaching for what just may end up being a new love hanging from my ceiling... I can't wait to get to know her (has to be a her right she's white and purple - a name will be provided in a later date after we embrace.)

I hope all of you are enjoying Mother nature as she turns winter into spring...

Friday, March 2, 2012

93 years young

Its a special day -today... the most kind sweetest most caring and loving guy I know turns 93 today. HAPPY BIRHTDAY GRAMPS.... and just so you all know... he is THE HAPPIEST guy I know. In my 31 years of life I have never seen my grandfather as anything but happy and loving. He is the prime example on how to live this life. I am so thankful for the life lessons he has taught me not thru his words but thru simply living his life. He has taught me about be grateful and thankful for the simplest of things, making the very best out of life ALWAYS, choosing to be happy and smile at all times, showing kindess to everyone you come in contact with - he is truly one of THE GREATEST. I hope he is showered with love kindness and happiness today (and always) he deserves to be surrounded with love.