Friday, April 20, 2012

27 WHAT that can't be...

Today my kid brother Jacorian turns 27. When did that happen? How did that happen? Where did the time go?? I still recall bringing him home all those years ago - filled with excitment I mean what 4 year old little girl wouldn't die to have her very own alive doll baby to dress feed and play with. I loved my older brother Paul don't get me wrong but playing with him involved either pitching so HE could BAT. Catching a ball so HE could perfect his passing and throwing for such sports as baseball and football. Getting knocked over from a box out on the court or getting tackled tackled because i was given the play to run on the field. It was a rough-house with him - I wasn't allowed to be a girl if I was playing sports with him. If by the off chance we were able to color it was always you have to color with this certain color because thats how its suppose to be and Michelle be careful to stay in the lines --- DO NOT ruin the picture sort of thing. He was a perfectionist... still is... and he plays to win pretty much never to just have fun. So as much as I loved building the biggest forts out of snow and playing G.I. Joe's with him.... I was soo excited to play house barbies dolls with my little brother. I mean isn't that the whole point of having someone younger than you... you play what they want....??? OR SO I THOUGHT...

I loved my little brother, I read him books, held him while watching cartoons - often times almost dropping him because I wasn't paying attention to him - feeding him, dressing him. He was MY BABY. Until the day arrived that he no longer fit into my doll highchair. My childhood friend Brooke and I always put him in the chair then reached a day where his belly must have grown over night... We did notice that he required both of us to lift him but we thought for sure he would still fit. He were able to somehow make him fit and get him to put his arms up to lock him in... it was when his belly rolled over - that's when the problems began. At first he was upset that followed by screaming - as Brooke and I tried as fast as we could with all the muscle both of us combined had (pretty sure looking about Jacorian at  9 months had more than both of us) to set him free. We finally realized he was locked in and there was NO WAY we were going to be able to get him out... Well by this time Jacorian's screaming had turned into a blown out red-headed devil break down freak out. We ended up having to go get Mom - and after some moving and force the highchair popped open. It was then I was told that Jacorian would no longer fit... it was a devasting day in my world as well as Brooke's. Jacorian was always up to playing house, dolls and barbies... He was such a great sport. This went on well into him being 4 or 5 - things changed then... I could no longer out power my little brother. It wasn't as easy as it was from the start to get him to do things... I found other ways don't you worry it just took some skill and thinking.  As far back as I can remember my brother was my shadow - being only 4 years old I was more close in age where Paul was 8 years older than him - In Jacorain's eyes Paul was idolised I was more terrorised. I had a deep love hate relationship with Jacorian for many many years, but in the end he was my best friend no matter how many times we fought no matter how many times I brought out the red-headed devil and lost the fight... we would get over it and be right back at being best buddies.

To this day my brother is one of my closest friends. I usually annoy him on road trips but I think he truly misses me when there is just silence in my absent. If I were to drive coast to coast he would be the one I would pick. Oh and yes I still know what buttons to push to bring out the red-headed devil, as if I would ever forget or want to forget. He is truly one of a kind, hard-working, caring, strong, funny and just does things and lives in a way that is just sooooo him. Happy Birthday to my favorite RED. I hope your day is as GREAT as I think You are.

Aaaaa little late...Renee's day

April 19th marks a special day in the Goldmann Clan its my Aunt Renee's Birthday!! She's pretty neat if you ask me... laid back easy going loves the outdoors often found with a smile on her face likes her wine and coffee. She's one of those simple livers when it come to living life. Spending time with her dogs horses grandchildren children husband family and friends ranks high on that list. She's alot like my father with her love for the outdoors and mother nature. Its crazy the things they know about trees rocks birds animals the land...I know they get this from my grandfather. One of my favorite places to be for the holidays is at her house out in the middle of the praire. Its quiet its beautiful its surrounded by mother nature where the sun seems to linger in the sky forever and as a result some of the most beautiful sunsets i have ever witnessed have been from her porch. When you are there life is about a cold drink laughter and family. Three of my favorite things. Its quite an honor to just know this amazing woman yet alone be blessed to called her family. We think she is pretty special, and we are usually right about things so trust us...she's top shelf. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT RENEE!!!