Thursday, May 20, 2010

just watch me...

Sometimes I think of all the things I want to do. see. feel. experience. I think of the journeys I want to travel on. The person I want to grow into and become. I think of all the places I want my eyes to taken in. Of all the things I want to capture behind the lens of my nikon. I think of all the people I will someday meet and of all the people in my life that I want to see and spend time with.

It can get a tad bit overwhelming - thoughts of not being able to do this or that drive me completely crazy! And I will not allow such a thing like you can't do this or that cross my mind. And being told such things is surely a fast way to upset me. Instead to get by I think of the things that I will get to... In this life and the rest will just have to wait for the life to come. But don't think I won't try to do any many of those to do's that I want to do see feel and experience.

I am always on the go even when I am taking it easy I never fully just stop the truth is I find no relaxation in doing nothing. And if anything doing such a simple task actually is one of the few things that sparks stress in my life. So I run around with my head cut off tryin to do this see that meet up with so and so write this blog take this photo edit that one plan this dream of that drive here go to work clean organize and clean again call text laundry ski ski ski ski make a call to those I love and then think of all of the other things I need and want to do.

Its in my blood to never stand still. And if I reach the end of my days before the end of my to do's it will be okay. Because I will know I didn't waste a single moment. I packed as much as one ever possibly could in this life. I didn't limit myself to this or that I simply just did what I could do and not let such words as can't won't don't cross my mind or block my path. I am here to live! And trust me I will spend all my days on this earth living this life to the very depths of my being. Trust me when I say I will live my motto fully and completely... I will LOVEthisLIFE... Just watch me

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

to my Alaskan friend

I will never forget my thoughts when I heard she was moving to Alaska. Most everyone thought she was crazy and the rest didn't want her to go. I thought wow good for you - DO it!! Why not!!? Well that and minus the comment I made about moving cross country for a boy.

Whatever it took for you to make the move and now be in Alaska I am grateful for! You say you don't like change this may be true but you don't realize just how truly amazing you are at adjusting carrying on and living. You don't truly see your very own strength and just how strong you are. You are grounded in who you are and you know who you are yet you look right pass the greatness that lies in you.

Change is never something humans fully embrace no matter what kind of change it may be... Whether it be minor or major heartwrecking or the top shelf change we wish would always come our way. We look at it and say why! Well because no matter what change is in our path it forces us outside our comfort zone. It forces us to think live and simply be different than weare use to. But what we don't see is that with every change we learn alittle grow alittle and become alittle more. And what we once thought was our comfort zone just got a tad bit bigger... Until the next change comes along and repeats this action of events... Its never ending!

All I can say is now look back at the small comfort zone you once had soo very long ago... Back in the days you were just getting to know who you are. Back in the days of being a Miner. Thinking of all that has happened and all you have done to get you to where you are now. You my friend have always pushed yourself beyond what you thought were your limits. You challenged and pushed yourself to live outside your comfort zone. Moving to Alaska is case in point. Having friends like you in my life are a constant reminder to me that I am capable of living beyond the limits I see before me. You inspire me to soar in this life.

Thank you my Alaskan friend, for breathin the fresh nature air into my life and helping me realize there's soo much to this life to do see think and feel --- and most of the great stuff is found --- outside my comfort zone --- and in the result of change that never wanted to be fully embraced in the first place! That's usually how life goes. So trust your journey! Trust life... Its plans for you are even better than what you had in mind... And in order for you to get there you have to let go and yes my friend... Embrace change! I can only imagine what it has in store for you to come!!