Friday, February 19, 2010

showing ME not the WORLD

"What if its not something I need to show the world... What if its something I need to show me."

For the longest time I always thought the motivation that I carried with me was sparked by showing the world the gifts I had to offer. I thought it was proving to those around me I could set out and succeed at something. I thought I was driven to hear their words of praise and pride. I was sure it was an image I wanted the world around me to know me as. I thought for the longest time I need the world's approval. I need to hear you did it- and so on.

Turns out it had nothing to do with the world. It wasn't the spark or the drive. It wasn't the praise and pride that needed to be voiced... The world around me just added to this journey, The world made the colors of my life more sharp and bright but wasn't and still isn't my reason.

I find that I dream-chase and reach because its something I have to show myself- prove to myself. Sometimes I know just what that is other times I have no clue. Photography is a big part of me showing and proving to myself. For it doesn't matter the praise or positive feedback I get... I am still not ready to settle and say yes I am okay... Good... Great. I am not done reaching that spot that says I have reached my greatness... Yet on somedays I am not quite sure what I am tryin to show myself. All I know is that every part of my being says keep going. Keep chasing. Keep reaching. You will know when you get there. And maybe it lies in that...not knowing but knowing you are suppose to go... To be different. To go against the grain. To not settle. To just trust that one day I will reach that point. And I will once and for all prove to myself and show myself something that I spent all my life trying to figure out just what that something was... That trait in me that made me so different in a world full of same. And maybe for once I will have understanding in why I think the way I do. Live the way I do... And maybe just maybe that's why we live this life... We live to show ourselves and prove to ourselves a million little things that's all wrapped up into this Life. And maybe in the end just living this life thru the muck and the sunshine. Thru the laughter and the tears. Thru failure and success... To say yes I endured. Yes I grew. Yes I became... Yes I lived this life to with all my soul is what that something is...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Glad to be ALIVE

"Its my birthright to live fully and freely. I give to life exactly what I want life to give to me. I am glad to be alive. I love life."

I am a firm believer that when you give the best and most of yourself to life in the end it will give the same to you in return. I am the master of my own happiness and fate. I may not know what is in store for me but the power of the outcome comes from me. How will I let events, changes, challenges, loss, people and whatever life brings to me change me and affect me. I am a girl who is grounded by what she knows, I know myself. I trust myself and therefore trust the journey of life. For I know that no matter what lies besides me, before me or after me... I will find myself enjoying this life. Living this life to the depths of my being. I will find happiness in sorrow- a light in the darkness and a laugh in a tear. I will give every part of my being to this life knowing that in return the best of life has to offer will be given in return. Maybe not always, but like I said its all the way you look at things. I know that I get up each day grateful to be given the gift of simply breathing. And if you start your day being grateful and just honored to be alive... I tell you what... You will find all sorts of simple blessings in this life. And the thing about blessings is... they always have a positive affect on you. Happiness needs not to be seeked outside your daily life only to be found in far away places or in things you have to buy to hold. It is found in a simple life and in things you truly can never hold or touch... Its those very things that makes you say...I am glad to be ALIVE

Friday, February 12, 2010

This Life

"Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity and responsibility to give something back by becoming something more." -Anthony Robins

Its quotes like these that make you stop and think. Am I giving back? Am I growing? Am I learning? Am I becoming? Am I leaving people and places around me for the better? AM I living this life for all that its worth? To better this world we have to become more of the people we are meant to be... its that simple.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


She's been my friend since grade school. We were playmates, classmates and teammates. We had our own little insides jokes and secrets that friends have. Little things that only have meaning to us like the locksmith in Medora. Just saying that sparks memories and I am positive can make her laugh thinking back.

This friend of mine she is a survivor! She is a fighter! She is kindness and compassionate. She is a lover and a giver. She is a fun and a breath of fresh air. She is a true friend. She is a daughter-sister and a mother! She is someone I am proud to call my friend.

Most know her as Dana Kunkel. I know her as Kunks - Dana Jo and sometimes well not for a long time DJ. She has had a struggle with her health but she never gave up. She suffered a great loss when her brother was taken far too soon but she still finds happiness laughter and love. She is someone who will support you, encourage you and believe in you. She is someone you know will always be in your corner.

Most of the time she has no idea the strength she carries or the will to live this life to the very fullest. She has no idea just how many lives she has touched and changed by simply just being her. She amazes me with her grace and beauty. And just when I don't think she can top herself she became a mother and she grew even more into this truly remarkable woman.

She's the kind of woman you are proud to have in your life and grateful to call a friend. Miles apart and yet she is still and always will be a special part of my life. For I know that if I needed her she would be there no questions asked. Just like she knows I would do the same for her. And those kinds of people. Those kinds of friends are always worth keeping around!! Because you know you can truly count on them. I know I can always count on Kunks!!

Wackie Jackie

She's the friend you want with you to have a good time. She's the friend you want with you when you are sitting at the bar - bored at the airport or just plain bored. For she's the friend that brings life to any room. She's a ball fun of energy. She's the one with a smile always on her face and up for anything. She's the friend that makes the best out of life. She's the friend that always turns her lemons into lemonade. She's a tough one, one that never complains. She's my friend, Jackie.

From the moment I met her I felt and knew the energy that she has within her. It was like my old pair of favorite jeans that fit just right. That's how she knew me from the start. It was like we had always been friends. She got me, and I got her. Our friendship is one that is filled with laughter and smiles. One based on just accepting the other for who they are, no questions asked. Simply being you is all you need to do. She has helped me to take life as it comes and to know I can get through anything, that I have that inner strength to overcome whatever life brings me to or takes me too. It is her natural way of living that is teaching me how to be a better person and how to truly live. She does it so easily and naturally - just like breathing. She faces life with a smile and a inner strength and grace I have only found a handful of people to possess. I knew from the very second that I met her, she was different. The good kind of different. And that my life would never be the same, for now she was a friend and not just any friend but my friend.

I often wonder if she knows the strength that she carries, I often wonder if she knows how many people are blessed to call her their friend. I often wonder if she knows the difference she has made in so many lives by just being her and being apart of so many's life story. But knowing her, knowing Jackie - she just may take it for granted. She just may not even pay the slightest attention. For she is just being who she is in each second of the day with each breath she takes. She's a true 'liver' of life. Walking this journey - living this life and making each place and each person better. By simply and utterly just being your friend. I call her wackie jackie but she isn't wackie at all. She's a friend I am glad to have with me on this journey of life.


I have always been one who holds my emotions in, its just who I am but maybe with age I am starting to realize that sometimes tears are a good thing. Its a way of release. Don't be ashamed of your tears or sorrow. Don't be afraid to let others' see you cry. You will not be frowned upon or laughed at. For in our tears we find healing and the power of hope. I often was one who thought of my strength in the terms of what makes me tear up and cry. However I realize my strength is found in dealing with and accepting things that life throws at me to go thru and making sure I fully experience every part life has to offer... and sometimes that means just having tears rolling down my cheeks.

"Don't ever discount the wonder of your tears. They can be healing waters and a stream of joy. Sometimes they are the best words the heart can speak."

"Perhaps our eyes need to be washed by our tears once in a while, so that we can see Life with a clearer view."


When I moved to Whitefish in the late fall of 2007, I didn't know I solo. I had never been to the little town that was found at the bottom of Big Moutain. As I made my drive from central North Dakota to the tip of the Northwestern corner of the Big Sky state, I didn't know what was in store for me.

I slowly started to meet people from work that would soon introduce me to two gals from Pennsylvania that would make Whitefish feel like home. I met Stacy Moir at the Northern on a night in December and knew in a matter of seconds I had just met the person that would be 'my person' in the mountains. Turned out I was right, she was this amazing girl with a huge heart that always had time for a smile, a chat, a cold drink. I soon found myself always with Emily *her roommate* and her. And we were always laughing. That first winter holds a lot of special memories for me, and most of those memories where created with her. That first winter was a year of growth and learning for us (Stacy, Emily and I) and we did that all together. We made a home for ourselves in a place we had never been too and somehow we found each other. To me in moments like that its fate, to find such friends. Almost like they were just waiting for me to find them and it took me going to Whitefish to do so. She has since moved away from Whitefish, and to be honest it hasn't been the same since she left. We (Emily and I) are always looking forward to her coming back to this winter paradise again someday but in the meantime we reflect of that winter filled with memories of smiles, laughter, great times, and an amazing friendship. We think of the challenges - changes - struggles - learning and growth of that first winter in the mountains and the strength we found in each other. And I am confident I made it thru and had such a great winter because I was lucky enough to find Stacy. For I know that winter would have been completely different if it wasn't for her.

So to Stacy, where-ever you are today in this life... know that I am grateful that your life's journey lead you to Whitefish. I am grateful that somehow our paths crossed and we became friends. You are a beautiful and rare soul. That has open my eyes to the possibilities this life holds. You have taught me the meaning of true friendship and above all how to treat others. For you are the friend that everyone wishes they had, and somehow I am lucky enough to call my friend. I encourage you to keep that adventurous spirit out yours alive. Keep challenging yourself. Continue to embark on new journey's in this life and be confident in the person that you are. You are making a difference in the lives that you meet and touch - I should know I was and still am one of those. Your a beautiful gal that's for sure but what's on the outside that everyone first sees doesn't even come close to compare the beauty that lies in your soul. Take care my friend.
"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born." -Anais Nin.

Having a friend like you (her) helped me to relax and not think of all of the people that I was missing. I found that I wasn't homesick or missing my friends because I had her around. She's the kind of friend you hope and dream of finding in a new place, in a strange place, in a place you don't know anyone. For she's like the girl down the block, the friend you have had forever. The friend that accepts, listens, understands and just befriends all parts of you. She is kind, compassionate, and caring. She helped exposed me to a world I had never known existed. And from that world I grew and found myself. What a gift to be truly thankful for.

"Every person is a new door to a different world." -Six Degrees of Seperation


Brittany Michelle Eide - Zobb I met her sometime in grade school maybe frist or second grade. I can't really remember, because as far back as I can remember she's been in my life. We grew up together. We became the women we are now are today together. We were classmates, teammates, friends and sisters. We were partners in crimes.

When I think back over our friendship a smiles always forms. Because I realize that she is one of the few friends that havealways known me. She is in my past. my present and I know in my future. She's the friend that I know will always be in my life no matter how much time has passed or how many miles come between us. She's the now and forever friends thru thick and thin gal in my life. For you see she has grown into this beauty - the dropdead gorgous kind of gal but to me she's still the Brittany with glasses and braces as I am sure I am the dorky blond with glasses. To me she's the girl I spent my birthday's weekends and school days with. To me she's the gal who ventured to Iowa camps with. To me she's still the mix tape cruise main gal as I am sure I am the footloose playing driving in a one ton white truck. To me she's still the gal who knew me when I didn't even know who I truly was or who I would grow to be. To me she's the gal who knows the girl that lives in this now woman I see in the mirror. To me she's the friend that I can count on. She's the gal who has never once judged me. She's the gal who has always be faithful and true. She's the gal I know who always get me. She's pretty special to me.. because I know such a friend is hard to find. And to have such a friend for so long is pretty amazing.. But that's always been Brittany.... From the start I always knew she would be the friend that would always grow with me.


Her name is Marti Alltucker but I call her Mard. She was the first personI met, the first friend I ever made when I moved to Whitefish. Most of my favorite memories of Whitefish involve her. She's your typical mountain woman. Completely laid back, lives the simple life, and is just happy to be outdoors. From her friendship I have learned to truly live, and live simple. She has taught me its not how much you have but what you do with what you have. She will always be honest with you, no matter what. Which is one of her greatest traits. When I am in a bind in the Fish its her that I call or her that I lean on. Because I know I can count on her.

She has found herself this guy, Karl. Who I love as much as I love her. And I am so happy she has found someone that gets her and just loves her for her being well her. They are two peas in a pod. Two beings just living the simple life and loving it!! To me they know a big secret, they know what this life is truly all about. And its how they live, what they say and how they say it, and how they treat others around them that makes me realize they know such things. These kinds of people don't talk bout how to live the simple life...they just live it. I am happy and grateful to learn how life should be truly lived thru them!!


We have been waiting and waiting for a day like today... It seems like for months or at least since right after Christmas... Last night while the town of Whitefish slept Mother Nature gave us a simple but great gift... SNOW... Granted I am sure its only the people that live in the mountains and in a ski town that pray for such things. The more we get.. the happier we are. Its puking right now outside as we speak. And its amazing the effects this white puffy stuff has on us, while at least in this place... its a positive effect. The more we get the happier we are. So for those of you who hate the snow... and don't want it... you can help us out.. PRAY for SNOW in Whitefish. We would gladly accept the white flakes instead of you. I have said it once before well actually prolli more than that... Whitefish is a Winter Wonderland... but in order for to be just that.. we need heaps of snow powder to blanket the mountains - trees and slopes. The forecast says more is to come our way and we are crossing our fingers that it does... Happy Pow Pow Day from the FiSH!!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

They say...

They say life is full of setbacks. They say that life can change in the blink of an eye. They say life is always changing. They say things change when you change the way you look at them. They say that you are the master and creator of your own happiness. They say its not how many days you are given on this earth but how you live the days you have. They say its not about what you have been given but what you give of yourself to others. They say its not about a life full of meaningful things but a life full of meaning people. They say its about a smile. a tear. a laugh. They say its not about the house you live in but who fills that house with their presences and love. They say it isn't about a five star restaurant but who you are sharing that meal with. They say...

Who are these people and how in the world can they be soo right? They say if you get back to simply living you will find true happiness...and they are right. They say if you live in the moment and slowdown life will begin to speak to you...and they are right. They say if you see the glass of life half full that you will remain more optimistic...and they are right. They say that if you bring happiness in the lives of others- happiness will just come to your life as well...and they are right. They say that there are reasons and blessings all around you that shows and tells you everyday to love this life...and they are right... They say...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

She DID it

She didn't think she could do it. She didn't think she would get in. She applied to four grad schools and was nervous as could be... A couple of days ago the first letter came in... And guess what... They accepted her... She was soo excited. She was on cloud nine. I told her see... you have what it takes. And it won't be long til all four accept. Then she will have a different problem trying to pick which one.

So this post is for my RUBY...she already knows how proud I am of her, but I had to voice it to the whole internet world. I had to tell everyone just how proud I am of my friend. my sister. my person. my ruby. my JAMERS... You did it!! ALL by yourself!! And now you just have to decide which path you will take!! CONGRATS... OLIVE JUICE

Monday, February 8, 2010

Your story

We are all drawn in with the stories of those. The life they lived, people like Amelia Earhardt, Jackie Kennedy, Princess Di, Martin Luther King, John Lennon, Carrie Underwood... and the list goes on and on. We hear of their greatness. We hear of their rise to success, to fame, to weath. We hear of great love stories, powerful overcomings, chasing after unreachable dreams, sacrificing, challenges, changes and enduring unbearable loss. We watch the Hallmark specials and fork over ten dollars to watch and hear their story on the big screen. We read books and magazines and so on.

Yet I often wonder did they have any idea at the start or even while what was happening. Did they see the bigger picture. What made their story one we are all craving to hear and know. What is in this story that differs from the one we can write about our own lives? Because in all honestly such people didn't know what they were writing, they were just living- as simple as that, they were just living. And the truth is the story of your life, the story you are writing day is worthy and meaningful just as much as those you watch and read about. You just don't realize it. You just aren't stepping back and hearing it & watching it. There is no slow motion, big time actor/actress playing the lead role or special themed song playing. But I promise you, if you just reflect back at the story of your life... where you started, where you came from, where you are going and all that encompasses you... I promise you its one worth hearing, watching and sharing.

That is why I am a firm believer that every story is one to be heard. Because every life has a purpose, every life can be just as meaningful of that like John Kennedy or a love story as great as the Notebook or a powerful rise of overcoming and enduring like the Blindside and so on. So remember that when you are reading and watching... Remember "the greatest story ever told is your own." I know I would be paying to watch it and hear it. And I know that its a story worth sharing and telling!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


I think of the world around me. I think of all the beauty my eyes have taken in this life thus far. I think of those who shared life's moments with me in a smile-a hug- a tear - a laugh. I think of those who brought meaning into my life. Those who stayed for only a while while others are still here. I think of the lives' taken too soon and the friendships that just faded out due to life - mistakes or just plain distance. I think of the person I have grown into because of all of these things. How I was shaped and changed because of the lives around me and the world that emcompassed me. I think of the growth and the falls. The strengths I have found and the weaknesses I can grow from. I think of the places I have been and what it has taken me to be just where I am at. I think of the amazing indescribable beauty of this world and the laughter I have shared with so many. The world has changed me and its still changing me. It was in a smile - in a laugh - in a kind word - in a pat on the back from such people. It was in a landscape that took the breath right out of me with its pure and natural beauty that just encouraged me, supported me, believe in me, and so many ways pulled me through when I thought I could no longer go. This life is filled with so many simple and wonderful gifts... yet its only if we choose to see.

I hope one day my wrongs will be righted. I hope one day my weaknesses will one day be strengths. I hope one day I will be able to live with and grow from the regret and mistakes I have made. I hope one day lost friends will return. I hope one day I will see the faces I have so longed to see and hear the voices I have missed. I hope one day I will make people proud to say they know me. I hope one day I will be known as a simple kind and true friend. I hope one day I will truly be someone who made a difference. I hope one day I will be forgiven for my mistakes. I hope one day the people I care about and love know the meaning they are to my life. I how one day I can voice the depths of their being in my life in words that can finally bridge my soul's thoughts to my tongue. I hope I am able to chase - reach and hold the dreams of my true being. I hope someday my face is covered in a face aged with wrinkles of smiles. I hope someday I am granted understanding in this life's journey.

I am unsure of the journey I am on. All I do know is that what do dreams know of boundaries? So why not reach for the sky and yet even better the moon. All I know is that as long as there's still life in my I will be living this life to the depths of my soul. I will be laughing and smiling and just simply being... just simply breathing... Just simply living in the moment. I will be paying it forward, I will be showing kindness, I will leave the places and people around me for the better, I will be believing in others' greatness and encouraging them in all areas of their life. I will share a smile - a laugh - a tear with those who bring meaning into my life...I will be find reasons everyday to LOVEthisLIFE. And I hope when my time comes and I see the great light...I will have spent every ounce of my being, I will have lived every moment I was given, I will simply have nothing left to give. I hope my mark will be clearly written in the lives of those around me. And more than anything I hope that those lives will find themselves living this life to the depths of their souls. And I hope that YOU are finding reasons everyday to LOVEthisLIFE...because there are OH OH SOO MANY.

Holla to Robert-OOOooo

I am a litte late, but Saturday didn't allow me the time to pop on and get a shout out birthday holla to my Robert-OOOooo - Paulie Wallie - Big Brother Paul. He turned 33 on the 6th. I think he is pretty neat. He's a kid trapped in a man's body with a heart as big as Texas. He loves the Cowboys and Lakers - to the point where his day is completely wrecked if they lose. He's a simple guy that just like to smile and have fun. He's a caring and loving husband. A perfect son to Mom & Dad and a great role model for his sister and brother. He never lets us down and would give us the shirt off his back if we needed it. He is grateful for all that has been given to him and excited to give to those he loves. When you give him a gift -- no matter how big or small whether its homemade or over price that guy will be on cloud nine. And will have the biggest smile you will ever see. Because he is so happy to be thought of and cared about. He is a good man that I know will make an excellent father someday. He makes me proud everday and so blessed to call this big guy my big brother. Happy Birthday Paul...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Bumble BEE

"It came in the form of a laugh. The hug I needed so badly. I felt the warmth surround me. It was there. It was real. And YOU were just what I needed."

"She touched her friend's arm - this searching we do, this trying to grow - it means so much to me. But don't ever lose sight of this, my friend, in my eyes you are perfect the way you are. And it is you that I love."

We don't talk that often, we see each other even less. But when we chat its like no time has past. It just goes to prove that true friendship never fades with distance and time. She still just knows me. And I know her. She knows just what to say - what I need to hear - and how to say it... She understands my being and loves me for me. She encourages the growth of all parts of me. She wants what is best for me and what makes me happy. She keeps me grounded yet always encourages me to reach - dream and chase. She voices that I matter and that me just being me is always enough. She accepts my stubborn side and protects my weaknesses with her love and friendship. She's the friend that everyone wishes they had... and I am so grateful I have. To me she's a superhero...not the flying in the cape kind but the best friend who never lets you down kind!!

"Quietly, she speaks her wisdom then sits back and waits. Trusting and patient, she loves me into growth." Thank YOU, BEE for being this person. this friend. From day one til now and I know you'll always be... You are one of life's blessings to this world!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

You're ALL that you WANTED to BE...

We can feel a change is coming...Like a kiss upon a tide...BREATHING LIFE INTO EVERY HEART... The hopeful kind of times... Cause we'll walk this road together... Though at times we felt alone... In the struggleto leave dissent... We find the STRENGTH one yet to find... YOU CARRY YOUR COURAGE, CARRY THE HISTORY ... But all are gone before you... Wherever you come from... Or born of one dreams FINDS YOU, STANDING HERE... And you know that you CAN MAKE IT. YOU'VE GOT THE WHOLE WORLD IN YOUR HANDS... And you've spent a LIFETIME working for this MOMENT... And YOU ARE SHINING... YOU ARE ALL THAT YOU WANTED TO BE...

There comes this moment in our lives. That everything just comes together. In the lives of Julia Roberts and Russell Crowe it was when they held an Oscar in their hands. While for Alicia Keys and Taylor Swift when they heard their name being called out as the winner of a Grammy. Others it was the winning of a championship title in sports...In two weeks we will meet another Dan Jansen, Shaun White, Sarah Hughes, and Apolo Ohno... We will soon know their story... We will soon see their goals and dreams FINALLY reached. We will cheer them on... We will celebrate... We will be proud that they are now touching and holding their dreams. The olmypics... I love them. I won't ever forget of the stories that inspire me to reach for my own life dreams. We will hear of their struggles, their overcomings, of the things they had to endure to be in Canada. We will know of their sweat and tears. And we will find ourselves hoping that this winter is their year.... Though we will be proud to be an American not all who we cheer for will be waving the Red - White and Blue... and the true is it doesn't matter. Because in the end its not American - Canadian or Russian... its simply the Human Race... We are all one world. And I guess that why I love the Olympics... it brings the world a step closer together even if its only for a short time span. Togetherness of the Human Spirit... oh what a site that is to watch ... For we all know of the greatness that come out of such a thing...

One of my favorite stories is the one of Speed skater Dan Jansen... we have all seen the commericals and know his story. How he lost his sister to cancer the day of his big race in the 1988 Olympics...he promised to win her gold... he didn't but he never gave up on his dream... in 1994 he won gold... on the stand with the gold medal around his neck he reached it up to the sky and said this is for you Jane-I love you.... and then he took his victory lap with his daughter, Jane... How can that story NOT touch you... and change you... and stay with you... A man that had his dreams at his finger tips but never able to reach. A man that struggled with the loss of a sister on the world's biggest stage. A man that failed in the 1988 and 1992 Olympics to fulfill his promise to his sister. A man that never gave up... A man who finally succeed. I have never met this man - but his story became apart of mine. The olympic games...FEBUARY 12, 2010

When you are airborne and free... At PEACE with gravity... High above everyone can see... The spirit of human ecology... HOW YOUR FLAME KEEPS BURNING... When you leave ALL DOUBT behind... Its a giant leap for mankind... At PEACE WE ALL SHINE... And YOU ARE SHINING... YOU ARE ALL THAT YOU WANTED TO BE...

Today... i was BLESSED

I don't have the answers or even the understandings to this Life most of the time. I don't know what happens after this Life. I don't know why some find themselves living such a hard life while another have not a care in the world. I don't know why some have to endure such hard losses while others do not.

But I do know there are days that I find myself in such simple peace that I am positive that my soul is singing and my being is smiling. I am confident that whatever comes next I will find that my best days here will be compared to my worse days there. I am positive that we get little hints at what is to come by the kindness of others, the love we give and receive, and especially by what Nature shows us and teaches us with its beauty.

Look at the mountains-the lakes-the rivers-the beaches-the forests-the prairies-the ocean....this was the work of the maker. they didn't just appear. You see this amazing touch in so many things... A rainbow after a thunderstorm, in freshly fallen snow, in a perfect fall day, a patch of daisies, and in a sunset or sunrise to name a few...

Today I spent the day on the slopes of Whitefish. I spent the day letting my soul sing and my spirit smile. I spent the day in simple peace and perfect silence. I played like a kid in the snow. Living completely and utterly in that moment and finding myself so very blessed to be just there. I don't know what my somedays hold while I am still on this earth or especially when I leave it... Either way I hope I am granted more days like today... To see the beauty in a tiny snowflake. To see the beauty in the trees. To breathe in Life and simply let my soul sing... To smile for no reason but for all reasons. To have nowhere else to be but right there. To live in the moment of now and seeing the blessing of such a moment. To know with your heart and soul that this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the beauty I will someday see... To find myself saying THANK YOU... THANK YOU... THANK YOU... Thou no one is around yet knowing that the right someone heard it.

So in many ways give me the simple life - give me the life spent in the silence of his great work of the Nature around me. Give me the life I find myself daily saying... THANK YOU. For I know it is truly a blessed life and I vow that the happiness I feel I will share it with all others who surround me near or far. I vow that I will give more. I will understand. I will love. I will show kindness. I will share a laugh and a smile. I will take the time. I will SLOW DOWN. I will do good with the life I have been given. I will bring good - love - happiness and laughter into the lives that love-touch and change me... Because living such a life and knowing of the blessing you have been given makes you want to do such things... Some aren't as lucky as me to have the mountains on their front door step... Yet it doesn't mean their life is any less... Sometimes such blessings is in the lives that share this life with them or its seeing the beauty of life thru different eyes.

Today I felt like I was five. I could feel my smile grow a bit wider and my laughter a tad louder. Today I could feel happiness. Today I could feel peace. Today my soul was singing and my being was smiling... Today I got a bit more of an understanding bout this life and what will someday be. Today Life was kind to me. Today I was blessed...

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Simple Life

Time is spent a bit differently in the mountains. Life is lived a tad more simple and in many ways slower. You head to the bar on a Friday and find people wearing cozy well lived in clothes. You see stocking hats and winter boots. On the Slopes where the mountain is packed its still filled with just silence. Words that come to mind when I think of this place I call my winter paradise are...PEACE. RELAX. SIMPLE. EASY. CALMING...

I could write thousands of blogs and take millions of photos but in the end it won't truly capture the magic of this little ski town I call home. All I know is the people that come here L.O.V.E. it here. This is the place they come to get away. This is the place that brings smiles to their faces. This is the place they don't ever want to leave. This is the place that makes them feel truly alive. This is the place that helps bring clarity and sense to the life they live and the world around them...ALL it takes is one visit. One trip to the summit. One glance of the Flathead Range and in that one moment life just kind of starts spinning a different direction and speed. You find yourself truly just living and living in the moment... and the best part you take that with you when you leave. You find yourself wanting your everyday life to be just as filling... and the greatest thing is... YOU CAN! One doesn't need to live in the mountains of Montana or the beaches of Australia to find life's beauty... the simple fact is... its everywhere... you just have to choose to see it.

What I have found is that its the simple life that brings true happiness. Its living in the moment that life brings to you. Its breathin this life into your soul and letting it become a part of your being. This place its me, and is a part of my true being. It has changed me in ways I will never quite fully know and understand. All I know is I am at peace in this little ski town.

May be the simple life but that's okay....

Grandma T

Happy 91st Birthday to one of the toughest stubborness ladies I have ever known yet has the kindest most gentle heart I have ever seen. She's a lady grounded in her faith. She has said I am sure close to 6.7 million prayers in her life...and counting. She still smiles and chuckles. She still has her sense of humor and quick wit. She's my grandma tillie. And oh how I admire her. Oh how proud I am to have her as my grandmother and to be her grand daughter. Oh how I love this lady!!

Happy Birthday Grandma!! I love you!!!