Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday Tay is it possible that you, Taylor are now three??? Where has the time gone? We remember awaiting your arrival with so much excitement and when we first saw you that was it...we were all head over heels over the moon for you...and that statement has remain true to this day. You are our favorite source of joy. You are a beautiful little girl that is ready to take on the world already. 
 You love to explore - to climb - to dance and sing.  Its always go go go with you.  Some how you have gotten us all to have dance parties in the living room and turned us all into at one point or another into a jungle gym.  You melt our hearts with your giggle and smile.
 We love the fact that when you play you truly play and aren't afraid to get dirty. There's never a dull moment when it comes to hanging out with you. You are beautiful but best of all you are kind and caring and so smart esp when it comes to techno stuff and putting together puzzles - you tend to be so very focused and deteremined to complete the task. You hate losing and we have tend to notice you can out climb and out run 4th grades. You are a tough little girl that falls down and doesn't shed a tear. Your legs are covered in bruises and cuts but they never seem to slow you down. You love to look out the big window and do I LOVE YOU THIS MUCH upon every goodbye.  Did i mention you hate goodbyes...and you get soo excited when you watch someone walk up the drive way to see you.
 So much encompasses who you are already yet you continue to grow change learn and become. You have no clue the things that you bring to our family by simply being you, Taylor.  Things like happiness, love and laughter but also strength comfort peace and hope to name a few. Did you know that you are one of the biggest reasons why your Granny fights this cancer so you can simply spend more time with you.  You are the best thing for her soul and you heal her in ways meds never could. We are so very blessed and grateful for the things you have brought into Granny's life...things that only you Tay could bring. You have made us whole and complete by being simply you.
 We want you to know that where ever you go in this life what ever you do that you being you is simply and always enough. You need to be nothing more than who you are.  We hope that we are always comfortable in your own skin.  That you will be loved no matter what - even when your naughty our love for you will never fade or cease to exist, it will only grow stronger. We believe that you can do anything you set your mind too...and you have only proven this thought to be true by the deteremation you hold when you set your mind to things like climbing swinging a bat or putting a puzzle together.
 This will be your last birthday as the only child.  For your sister will arrive in the coming weeks and well life will be drastically changing for you.  It will be hard at first sharing mommy and daddy but we know you will adapt and be a great big sister. We are confident you will lead the way and show her the ropes. I can already picture the trouble as well as the fun the two of you will have...I imagine your daddy will get a few gray hairs with the new role as daddy to two girls.
 Happy 3rd Birthday to you Taylor. Thou this life is full of many unknowns always know this...that you are loved beyond measure by so many. You have made so many people's lives MORE by just being here and being Taylor. We could not imagine life without you. We are forever changed all for the better the day you arrived and we look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you and watching grow more and more into the Taylor Jean you are meant to become.