Sunday, May 20, 2012

Taylor turns 1

You know how you remember just where you were and what you were thinking when something major happens in the world. Well the birth of my niece Taylor, went a little something like that. Its been 365 days since she entered our lives and now I struggle to recall what life was ever like without her not being here. From the moment we met her our lives were forever chagned....ALL for the better. She has filled our hearts with love - made a few wrinkles on our faces from smiling and our guts ache from laughing. She carries happiness with her in the simplest form - she just likes to BE. Its thru her eyes and the way she sees the world around her that we are exploring all the wonder this life has to ofter. Before Taylor we wouldn't be found trying to spot as many birds possible and sit for extended periods of time watching them fly. Now we race to the window to show her because we know this site will form a smile on her face. Before Taylor we didn't just sit and do nothing - now we will be still and just watch her. I guess you could say we are completely taken by this little girl. Head over heels wrapped around our finger can't get enough of TAKEN. Ya we prolli spoil her but we just can't help ourselves because she spoils us with joys and happiness that can't be bought but only found with being in her presences. Its funny how one day this person wasn't in your life and the suddenly they are here and everything changes. All I know is that I am glad this life now has her in it.

Taylor you have changed us all... You have a very very special place in our hearts. We love you sooo much. Know that to us you are our HOPE. Hope for a better tomorrow. Hope that miracles happen. Hope that happiness can be found in darkness. Hope to keep fighting. You have taught us to enjoy to truly enjoy the simple things. To find happiness in the most normal everyday moments. To make the time to just sit and watch and realize the beauty this life has in it - by just breathing and living each and every day that we are granted to be here. I know that for Granny you are her secret level or strength and will. Its your laugh. your smile. your hugs. your kisses. your giggle. your looks. your love that keeps her going. Keeps her wanting to fight fight fight. Your a pretty special little girl Taylor... and you will ALWAYS BE. I realized something if our lives can change soo much in just 365 days... I can't even imagine how our lives will continue to change all for the better with each year that passes that we have with YOU. Today its all about you girl!!! And my wish is that you always feel this love and warmth that soo many have for you. That you know each and everyday just how special you are. Just the gift you are to this world and to those who know and love you. That on your darkest days you see the light of hope to keep carrying on....Because Tay- to us you are that light. We love you. Happy 1st Birthday!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy Whale..she will always be.

 On a school trip to New York City and Boston was when we truly became friends. I was a junior and she a freshman...after a 30 hour plus bus ride i was annoyed with well over half of my friends and figured it was time to venture out and make new friends with people i saw everday walking the halls but never bothered truly getting to know. i walked the length of the bus and Lisa had an open spot so i sat down.  Its funny how you remember those moments when you become friends with someone - like you know that its the start of a friendship that it will last a lifetime, thats just how it was when i took the time to get to know Lisa Tolosky...and it left me to think just how many friendships with great people do i walk by and not give a single thought to. I knew her for years yet i never took the time to actually get to know her.

We had a blast exploring the east coast together and i formed new friendships with more people as well and just had a stella time being around new faces. But it was Lisa's friendship i knew even then that would last beyond just a face i was friends with back then...As we walked the streets in a small town off the east coast where shops lined the brick laid paths i looked up to find a shop named Happy Whale and the nickname was choosen...

That trip was something after sitting down with her...her future husband Ross was on the same bus...yet it would take years to bring them together...they married this pass fall in October and they gave me the great honor of capturing there day of i do's.  I am still left completely humbled by this. What great people who together are truly a great couple. It brings much joy knowing one of the kindest sweetest caring people i have ever known, my happy whale - is spending her life's journey with a truly great guy.

When i arrived home from that trip to the east coast i gained one hell of a friend. That was soo many years ago now when i look back - oh the fun and trouble we had.  Its strange that throu all those simple moments where we were laughing - having fun and more than a few times causing trouble we built a friendship that we didn't even know we were building.  Life has happened and set us on two different courses. it been well ages since we were two friends roaming the town of Beulah just being us.  Yet i know that doesn't change a thing between us nor our friendship.  I know in a heart beat if i needed her she would be there and she knows the same when it comes to me.  What a blessing to have such a friendship. Today May 2 is her birthday...funny i haven't seen her in awhile yet i know every May 2nd its her day without a thought to it...She has changed so much since the happy whale i first met yet she hasn't changed at all...the best parts of her just keep getting better. as she journeys thru this life learning growing and becoming i have found she is only blooming into an even better version of herself.  I picture her future bright and full of love no matter what she decides to do or where life takes her i know she will live this life with grace.  Maybe motherhood will be a title she will one day take and i am confident she will be the kind of mom only a few are blessed to call mom.  Or maybe she will do something completely different which is ok too...i am certain she will bring the very best she has to offer to whatever she decideds to do in this life...She still like always makes me proud to call her my friend - near or far no matter where life leads us.  Some are meant to be life long friends...and i know withouth a doubt she's one of them in my life.  Thank you my friend for blessing my life with your friendship and always offering me your kindness.  My life is more because you are a part of it...Happy Birthday Lisa. I hope you find yourself with a big ol smile spread across your face today and always...the smile that i always picture you wearing when i think of you.