Monday, November 30, 2009

Special People

There are few people in this life that well, are true livers of life. These are the people that some how seem to live life just a little different, almost in a way like they are carrying around the secrets of life. These are the people that you constantly find carryin the glass of life always half full. These are the people who don't get rattled, or set off course when life doesn't go how they plan. These are the people that adjust their life to the changes and always make the best of it. These are the people who smile and laugh thru tears and sorrow. These are the people who even in times they struggle to understand something or someone, they continue to try. These are the people who see past your mistakes and failures and just see the person you really are. These rare people are a true blessing in this life. These people are truly gifts from above. For I know that being these sort of people isn't easy. They are the example we are all trying to follow. They are the ones leading just by simply being themselves. Today I thank you for all the work you do behind the shadows. The little things that sometimes go your kindness, your never ending love, your compassion, your understanding, your prayers and worries you have for others, your caring ways. All the little things you do for those who sometimes don't even know or have the slightess clue. You are a someone to be always treasured and always treated with the same kind of compassion and kindness you show all in your life.

We ALL have these special people in our lives, some more than others. When was the last time you thanked these people. When was the last time you stopped and realized just how much they do to better your life for no other reasons other than they love you. Don't let these special people go without thanks. Don't let these special people be taken for granted. They deserve to hear your thoughts of thankfulness.

So TODAY and everyday...I am thankful to have YOU in my life. I am a better person because I have YOU in my life. I know my life is more fulfilled because YOU are teaching me everyday to be a better person and a better friend. THANK YOU.

People in my life that go by the names of Bridgette, Paula, Rebecca, Shannon, Brittany, Renee, Shelley, Jamie, Lindsey, Jami, Dee, Drex, Ali, Yalda, Mick, Heather, Jill, and the list goes on...YOU are rare special people that have filled my life with so many things that need to be embraced and brought to attention...your love, your kindness, your compassion, your understanding ways...but most of all... YOU just simply being who YOU ARE and always have been and will be. THANK YOU!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thankful Tears

I have these moments where I swear life stops. Where I can feel in my soul moments that are meant to be framed frozen in my memory and kept always. We all have these moments where it feels more like looking at a snapshot than really living.

Some its the moment you first met 'the one.'. Some its the moment where you first felt your soon to be born child kick. Some its a blue bird peaceful day taking in the world at 6000 feet plus. Some its a moment tailgating in an over crowded parking lot with you best friends from college. Some its as simple as a hot cup of starbucks' best. Some have these moments rarely others they find these moments through out all the days of their lives.

When it comes down to it... These moments whether they be simple or once in a lifetime moments are in the end just moments frozen in time that remind us how blessed we are to be alive- to have such a moment. For we find ourselves loving life and just plain thankful.

We are all different and therefore all have different moments with its own special meaning that leave us feeling blessed. I see and know the importance of simple moments and know to never take even a simple thing for granted. And well I hope that I never will either. I am not an overly emotional person in public or in private for that matter. But there are many moments I find myself freezin moments of my life and saying this right here is what life is all about. This right here is something to be thankful for. This moment right here is a blessing. This moment right here my soul almost breaths it all in and without knowin where they come from or how my eyes fill with what I know call as thankful tears. For their purpose holds a meaning so powerful, so strong and so rich that well there are no words to describe what the true meaning such moments hold. And well can only be fully understood by the one that is living in that moment and yes, sometimes by the ones sharing in that moment.

I hope that each being on this earth regardless of their income status has enough of these moments to fill a life. I hope that all that I love and care about have their own set of memories with thankful tears. I hope that no one takes such simple moments for granted. And if so they do I hope one day they will see the true blessing in just simpley living. For this life holds so much greatness and soo many people and things to be thankful for... They are all around us moments just waiting to be frozen. Moments just waiting for thankful tears to stumble upon them...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Deer season NOPE Goldmann season

In a few days I will find myself standing out in the wide open North Dakota fields...where there's not a house or telephone pole in site. Where I have to sit just rite and hold my phone at such a degree in order to pick up a signal....making it even easier not to have a single care to even try. I will be surrounded by silence and fresh air. The voices I will hear are the only voices that when it comes down to it bring the true meaning into my life... "Michelle, you are suppose to be helping me scout for the deer" from my mom. "Hey Kelly" from my brothers. A laugh from Shonna and guidence to help me kill the big buck from my dad. Its a time where the six of us cram into a 70's tiny camper and eat drink and laugh. A time where most of the jokes are at my expense but I laugh anyways. For I don't care what makes us all laugh together all that matters is the sound of our laughter becoming one strong sound.

For a person who has an obession with showering the minute she wakes up for once I just give in and put on yesterday's socks. Without even a word(AMAZING I KNOW). Because only once a year if I am lucky I find myself out in the middle of nowhere forgetting about the dramas of the world only to connect with the great outdoors and bond with the lives that my life is wrapped around.

I am not a big deer hunter. Well I am not a big hunter at all. But well there's only 5 people I can think of that can get me to wear yesterdays socks and pee in the prarie (yes-i still have to stripe down in order to not pee on myself--) only five people who I would even think of being crammed into a 70's camper with. Only five people who I would let tell jokes at my expense. To most its deer season... To me well its Goldmann season. A time to shut off the world around me and tune into the Goldmann world that matters. And if I am highly and completely lucky maybe I will shoot that big buck...maybe but in all honestly higly unlikely. Its ok its not what brings me to the middle of nowhere...