Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy 35th Paulie

Its that time of year where I great the honor of giving a Birthday Shout out to my BIG brother, Paul. Its his day today! This year its an extra special one, its the first birthday he will celebrate as a Daddy, Dad, Father....its a big first for him. With the arrival of Taylor this past May life has sure changed...for all of us...esp for my brother. But I have found it has been change ALL for the BETTER. My brother has always been someone I truly admire...I always look up to him and go off his example to take my lead in my own life. He is a remarkable guy hands of the great ones...the keepers...the type you are glad - honored- blessed to call your son. brother. husband. dad. nephew. grandson. friend. co-worker. He has woren all sorts of hats thus far in life sports star, builder, fixer, cook, healer just to name a few but its his newest hat that he wears that he truly have found great pride - joy - and happiness watching him first try on this hat - fitting into this hat but most of all now making that hat his own. Here is this guy with huge manly hands turning so gentle. A manly man who defines strength softening because a certain little girl has him wrapped around her finger. Fatherhood has been a role that my brother has taken on so naturally.... I am not surprised my brother is good at everything he does and well if he isn't he doesn't stop trying til he is great at it. I know my niece is a special little girl...I knew it the minute that I first met her....she's a Goldmann...and that makes her pretty darn special...but what makes her a truly blessed little girl is that my big brother is her daddy...and that knowing that...makes her extra special. extra blessed. For I know the things my brother is amazing at...and all those things won't compare at all to the kind of father my brother is and will continue to be...Taylor is he well everything and I know what happens when it comes to my brother's everything...he will succeed beyond what is expected...he will go above and beyond...that's just who he over achiever and FINALLY fatherhood is something I can FINALLY say I hope he never stops becoming better at can be the winner always at this Paulie...and I know you will be. Happy Birthday to the best BiG BrOtHeR a sister could ever ask for. I hope you know today just how special you are...just what a gift you are to not only to your daughter but to your entire family and to all those who know you. You are a stand up guy that I am pretty proud to call my also helps to have you around during those times that I shoot my mouth off or can't get away from that annoying guy at the bar -my personal bouncer that still doesn't get old - i know you always have my back. Love ya.