Monday, January 28, 2013

A Triangle in a Circle's home

My life lately has been on a road of changes and learning the lessons that are meant for my soul to learn in this life. Some days I think I may have a handle or an understanding and other days not so much. We all make choices we all then find ourselves thinking was that in fact the right choice or was it the wrong choice. I have found a person can go crazy thinking about such things... Sometimes we just have to realize that there is no actual wrong choice - for we have the power and the oppertunity to change our minds until we find one that is right. Some are lucky and are able to figure this out on the first go - others we have to make a few wrong choices in order to see the right one and others the sad truth is they settle. What I know for certain is that I am not one that settles. I may settle for a short period of time because sometimes life isn't all about the person staring you back in the mirror so you make adjustments you give up a few things but settling for me is never a word that I want linked to my name. I don't want to be known for someone that settled on half a life when they had great opportunities to be more - to do more. Don't get me wrong thou I know such a life is hard - when you realize that you are on the other side of the grain. When you think just a bit differently than everyone else - when you live just a bit differently than everyone else. When you find you want things out of life that don't seem to fit with what everyone around you wants.

So you try to conform - you try to be the normal you have around you...I often think of it as the wooden shape box toddlers play with to learn triangles, squares and circles. The child sits with the box in his/her's lap and hold the triangle wooden block tyring again and again and then with force then with changes in attitude to force the piece into the circle shape. The child proceeds this action with a determination to make the shape fit in a hole that it simply doesn't belong. The child will not give in until someone takes the child's hand and leads them to the triangle opening and just like that it perfectly fits. The problem is when do we realize that the triangle doesn't fit in the cirlce spot. When do we see its not going to work - at what point are we willing to learn and accept this?? I find much pride joy and strength when hearing of someone finally realizing it isn't working and they have the courage to change. Change is hard and difficult but always worth it - to be finally realizing that this isn't where you belong and trying something else is liberating to the soul - its scary as hell but gives you the sense of truly being alive with possiblities. Jodie Foster said it best "Normal is not something to aspire to - it's something to get away from." So here is to being YOU!!!