Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Today not Tomorrow

You ever notice how fast people are trying to get somewhere - anywhere but here. They are constantly waiting for this to happen - because they feel their missing out on life because they are without it... don't they realize they are missing out on life right here and now but focusing too much on the future and what it holds they are letting the right now slip right thru their fingertips.

I have no  clue what my future days hold - i don't know what the pages of my story will come to write what i do know thus far is that the future days that have already turned into now and then into the past - well they turned out alright...i am here aren't i...i found a way to make it work with what I have been given not what I have gone without. I believe if its meant to be it will be...it doesn't mean i haven't faced my share of times and moments where i was dragging my heels because i didn't want it to end or I didn't want to accept the fate that lied in front of me as my destiny. Letdown - hurt - heart ache - loss  - failure - sorrow is never easy to stomach...and I guess if it became easy to do so - well then we would really have a problem. But i do know I overcame those moments...it turns out i am a lot stronger than even i thought. And you know what those things I thought I needed and those people I thought I could never live without...well I still found my smile - still had my laugh and ya know what i still carry with me...my happiness. Life just has that way of taking you to the places and to the people you are truly meant to be with and at if you let it...

So I guess you could say I have stopped looking and wondering into the future...those days will soon take care of themselves for now I am focused on the days that are a given that I can never get back. For tomorrow is an extra so I am focused on making today my best day. For life is about TODAY not TOMORROW.