Sunday, June 7, 2015

my boy...Oz

Born on April 19th, 2015 in Verona ND  to Jake (black lab) and Molly (choc. lab) one of 3 males with 4 females.... weighing a hefty 11 lbs the chunk of the litter at the time of coming home - June 7th, 2015... Meet my man - my boy...Aussie 'Oz' Grinnell Goldmann.

Aussie as a shout out to my mates and my time living in Australia. Truly one the the best places i have ever been - seen and for sure had the honor to call home.

Grinnell named Grinnell Mountain and Grinnell Glacier which just happens to be located in Glacier National Park, Montana.  Hands down my favorite place on the planet. My heart and soul belong in the Big Sky State.

And a special tribute to my warrior - my best friend - my mom by calling him Oz as in the Wizard of Oz - for one of her favorite songs that happened to be sung at her funeral - Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

It was love from the moment I saw this porky guy - he won over my heart in the matter of seconds and knew from then on it would just be me and him. June is not my favorite month - its a hard month - a struggling month... its the month my world shattered. the month i lost my best friend. the month where we had to watch our warrior leave this world. Its also the month of her birthday and the month when she said her I do's to my father. I am so grateful for all she gave me and i honor her the best i know how and can do each and everyday...but June - June is just a tough month.  So i figured it would be fitting to bring some much needed joy and excitement to the month that brings so many tears and heartbreak.  I am not sure what i have gotten myself may be my best decision or my worse...time will tell - but i am quite certain it will be a decision i will never regret.  This little guy has already started to replace sorrow with love in the form of his waggin' tail - out of control cuteness and of course his cuddles. I can't help but just melt and smile. I mean really is there anything better than a puppy...and then add on top of that a black lab puppy....

I am officially entering chaos...but i think he is just what i need. just what my life is is going to be an adventure with him.

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