Friday, May 22, 2015



You were often the one that understood me best - your spoke with your eyes that always gazed into my eyes - you showed and gave me kindness and love always - way more than i ever deserved. it was you, Kobe that would comfort me all those night on the back steps crying - you who would come lay your head on my lap to show me how much you cared.  You were never just a dog, will never be just a were everything and more to us...i hope mom was the first one to greet you and your tail was wagging out of control and you were bursting with excitement. Oh how you loved her and oh how protective you were of her - esp when she got sick, you wanted no one near her. it seems fitting you are with her now...hopefully keeping her feet warm.  Thanks for being the best dog ever. We will miss you, Kobe and always love you.

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